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As a leading manufacturer and global supplier of high precision nebulizers and scientific glassware, MEINHARD is the partner of choice for many of the world's plasma spectroscopy instrument manufacturers. From applications that require high sensitivity to the fastest throughput, we can supply products for all ICP and ICPMS needs. MEINHARD sample introduction accessories are used in every application and industry: environmental, clinical, food and water, geochemical, semiconductor fabrication, and many more.

Meinhard Nebulizers

MEINHARD OneTouch Nebulizers

Ready-to-use with pre-fitted gas and liquid lines, customized for your ICP & ICPMS

Secure OneTouch fluoropolymer fittings safeguard against gas and liquid leaks

Barbed sample line fitting ready for connection to both flared and unflared peristaltic pump tubing

Performance verified with instrument testing

Choose from Ultra High Purity SilQ, Quartz or Glass construction

Nebulizers for All Applications

Meinhard offers a wide range of specialty nebulizers for advanced and unique applications.

  • Nanoparticles

  • Pure acids

  • Single cell analysis

  • Organic solvents

  • High solids samples

  • Semiconductor grade chemicals

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ICP & ICPMS Torches

Standard Quartz Torches

For Routine Applications - Standard torches are available in one-piece models as well as specialty versions with demountable injectors. For demountable torches, also see our selection of injectors to get the exact combination required.

  • One-Piece Quartz Torch – An economical torch, simple to insert and easy to use

  • Cassette Torch – Quartz torches with an integrated base for perfect alignment and automatic gas supply connections

  • Demountable Torch – Reinforced base provides strength and precision alignment of o-ring-free injectors chosen for different applications

Nitride and Cerulent Torches

For Enhanced Durability - Featuring an integrated base and gas connections, the unique materials of these ZipTorches provides high chemical and thermal shock resistance for increased torch lifetime. With quick-press and socket-free spray chamber connections, specialty ZipTorches are available in the following materials:

  • Nitride – ideal for a wide range of applications, especially for high TDS samples including brines, fusion digests, organic solvents, and wear metals in oil

  • Cerulent – greater resistance to cracking and devitrification when used with organic solvents

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Torch Injectors

Torch injectors in a range of materials and ID to suit every application

Designed and manufactured to the same precision tolerances as our torches, MEINHARD offers replacement injectors and materials for routine applications as well as specialized applications, including:

  • Quartz - An economical solution for many non-HF applications. Ideal in 1mm i.d. for organic solvent analysis

  • Sapphire - HF resistant injector, ideal for most high purity and low background applications

  • Platinum - HF resistant injector, recommended for improved performance for sub to low ppt Al determinations

  • Alumina (Ceramic) - More resistance than quartz for samples/applications with higher levels of alkali salts

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ICP & ICPMS Spray Chambers

Designed to fit your ICP & ICPMS instruments

MEINHARD offers a wide range of spray chambers in both glass and quartz including Scott double-pass, conical, cyclonic and double-pass cyclonic. These spray chambers are designed to fit in all major ICP and ICPMS instruments. PFA spray chambers from ESI are also available in Scott double-pass and cyclonic designs for ultra-high-purity and chemical resistance for HF applications.

If you require a custom-design spray chamber for a specific application not shown here, please contact us for more details.

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Sample Introduction Kits

Complete Sample Introduction Kits

ESI Sample Introduction Kits are designed to be extremely stable and provide the highest performance and sensitivity. These kits provide complete application-based sample introduction solutions spanning from the peripump tubing through to the torch for many ICP and ICPMS systems.


  • Fluorospray Inert Sample Intro Kits are an o-ring-free system of high-purity, high-stability, HF-resistant sample introduction kit for selected ICP and ICPMS systems. Fluorospray kits are pre-cleaned for ultra-low detection limits, and provide excellent short-term and long-term stability through a novel spray chamber design that improves matrix tolerance while maintaining ultralow backgrounds for all elements. Both Quartz and Nitride Torch equipped kits are available.

  • HF-Resistant Sample Intro Kits provide an HF-resistant introduction system with all wetted surfaces consisting of PFA, sapphire, or platinum. They are utilized by laboratories analyzing semiconductor-grade chemicals, high purity chemicals, and geochemical/metallurgical applications where HF-resistant sample introduction components are required.

  • Standard Sample Intro Kits provide the complete introduction systems required by most laboratories. These include routine sample applications as well as samples containing high salts/matrices and organic solvents. Quartz and Nitride Torch equipped Sample Intro Kits are available for specific application requirements.

Interface Cones

High Precision. High Performance.

To extract maximum performance and robustness from your ICPMS, choose MEINHARD sampler and skimmer cones. With over 20 years’ experience, MEINHARD brings the highest level of expertise to interface cones for all the major brands of ICPMS systems. Available in Nickel, Copper, Aluminum, and Platinum-tipped versions for your application requirements.


MEINHARD cones for ICPMS systems are precisely manufactured and have been extensively tested for:


  • Long-life

  • High Sensitivity

  • Low Oxide and doubly charged ions

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Peristaltic Pumps & Accessories

MEINHARD carries peristaltic pumps by Elemental Scientific. The MP2 pumps are created for low-flow rate and high precision pumping. The compact design allows for faster analysis without losing accuracy. MP2 can pump at a range of flow rates, from < 1µL/min to > 10mL/min and are available with 1 to 8 channels. Select from manual or computer-controlled versions.

Peristaltic Pump tubing

Accurate flow rates for accurate results

MEINHARD offers peristaltic pump tubing for a variety of applications. From high-quality PVC to ultra-chemically-resistant Santoprene and Solva, our tubing can be used for applications across multiple industries including environmental, clinical, geophysical, and semiconductor production.


Available in a wide range of diameters and lengths, choose the bridge length (tab distance) and diameter you need below.

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Autosampler Supplies

The right accessories and consumables are as integral to the success of your laboratory as your instrumentation. That’s why we invest heavily in testing and validating our complete portfolio of solutions to ensure that you receive accurate, repeatable results, on-time, every time throughout the lifetime of your automation system.

We offer a wide range of superior quality automation supplies for all of your application needs.

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Analab Sample Preparation

Better Sample Preparation = Better Results

The Analab family of products will help to quickly achieve ultraclean, reproducible sample digestion, eliminate contamination, and maximize reagent purity with our portfolio of innovative and patented equipment for the preparation of your precious samples.


Sub-boiling distillation systems for obtaining the purest reagents, essential for the successful results of your analyses

Highly accurate FluoroPlate Hotplates, EasyDigest Racks, FluoroBloc Systems, and safe reliable Regulators

Clean, Decontaminate, and Condition a wide variety of vessels to be used for digesting, transferring, and storing samples in their liquid state

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pergo Argon Humidifiers 

Uninterrupted Analysis for ICP and ICPMS Analyses

The pergo Argon Nebulizer Gas Humidifiers are designed for use with both ICP and ICPMS, improving concentric nebulizer performance and providing humification to the nebulizer gas flow for optimal signal generation in the plasma. Low-pressure and optional temperature-controlled operation provides an unmatched level of safety and stability, leading to uninterrupted analyses and maintenance-free operation.


The pergo enhances concentric nebulizer sensitivity and stability by preventing unnoticed salt crystals from forming in the nebulizer tip – eliminating them well before a clogged tip is detected. A water vapor permeable membrane humidifies the nebulizer gas stream, improving short- and long-term signal stability for both ICP and ICPMS systems. The patented design supports either one or two independent gas flows, uniquely and safely humidifying sample introduction flows all from one module.


  • Safe and easy to use

  • Atmospheric pressure PFA water reservoir

  • Friction-fit PFA cap for quick water refill

  • Allows use of high-sensitivity nebulizers for high TDS samples without requiring dilution

  • Supports both MEINHARD and PFA MicroFlow nebulizers

  • pergo 500 model with room temperature vessel for most applications

  • pergo heated model provides elevated humidification for ICP analysis samples with high levels of salts and brines

  • Single and dual channel humidification versions


  • Dissolves salt crystals in nebulizer tip

  • Improved short- and long-term stability

  • Improved detection limits

  • Speed up sample washout

  • Reduced long-term drift

  • Extends the length of productive analytical runs

  • Enhances performance of aerosol dilution in ICPMS by humidifying the argon gas dilution stream

Rotary Vacuum Pumps

Single stage vacuum pumps configured for use in ICPMS systems. These rotary vane, oil sealed pumps are used for supporting the vacuum pumping requirements of both the interface region and the backing of the turbomolecular pump.

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