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About PEAC

Welcome to PEAC, your trusted partner in South Africa and beyond for cutting-edge solutions and a diverse range of services. At PEAC, we take pride in pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence, establishing ourselves as trailblazers in the global landscape of analytical science, diagnostics, manufacturing, and forensics.

Who We Are

PEAC is a South African-based company driven by a passion for progress. We are not just a business; we are a force for positive change in our industries. Our commitment to excellence, unwavering dedication to quality, and relentless pursuit of innovation are the cornerstones of our identity.

Science Lab
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Dr Jeorgne Koch

Fast efficient and to the point , why would you not work with people like this. Thank you PEAC !"

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Antoinette Main

Love the way they are so helpful and always make the extra effort

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-Dr Alex Rau

There is something special when working with people with passion and a drive to make things easy, That's why I like working with companies like Peac

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Office - +27(0)78 177 7824 
Nick - +27(0)61 404 5536


CR Swart Drive,


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