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PEAC Forensics

About Us

Peac Forensics is one of Peac Infinium's subsidiary companies who can provide you with all your needs in the forensic sector. From top of the range DNA systems to Gun Control software, we have everything you need. 

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Projectina designs and produces advanced forensic document-examination systems for currency, passports and other questioned documents. Its wide range of viewing and analysis systems cater to both small agencies and large facilities. PEAC Forensic is a reseller of Projectina’s products.


ANDE Rapid DNA System

Capable of providing a DNA ID in 90 minutes for a buccal swab sample, and 106 minutes for a crime scene sample, the ANDE DNA system offers a range of benefits to UK law enforcement, namely;

➔ Rapid identification of suspects;

➔ Dynamic covert policing support;

➔ Fast time support to intelligence-led policing;

➔ Prevention of further offences;

➔ Support to fast-moving high-profile investigations;

➔ Support to Counter Terrorism operations;

➔ Disaster Victim Identification (DVI);

➔ Reduced costs for the police;

➔ Increased public satisfaction and confidence in the police.

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FireCycle is a secure, web-based, firearms data management solution that allows police forces and government agencies to track the life of a firearm from its manufacture to its eventual destruction. FireCycle can also operate in conjunction with a national legal test-fire programme to manage civilian and service firearms effectively - capturing and reporting essential data that can be accessed in QuickTime.

FireCycle can be utilised in three distinct areas of firearms lifecycle management, namely:

➔ The registration of civilian firearms.

➔ The life cycle management of service firearm inventories (e.g. police forces, armed forces, security companies).

➔ The management of lost and stolen firearms.



The SelectaDNA product range consists of a number of solutions containing a unique DNA code which can be used to uniquely mark and trace both items of property and criminals. Each DNA code used in the SelectaDNA products is completely unique so that every marking kit and spray canister we supply has its very own forensic signature. SelectaDNA products contain real DNA but are referred to as “Synthetic” to differentiate it from Human DNA. SelectaDNA is simply a series of unique combinations of A (Adenine), C (Cytosine), G (Guanine) and T (Thymine). The synthetic DNA used in SelectaDNA is short-chain, making it far more robust than human DNA. The details of the code are then recorded on the SelectaDNA Police and Insurance approved database so that a code found on an asset or person can be identified back to a specific owner or location. The SelectaDNA code can be deciphered by a molecular genetic laboratory which has been supplied with a SelectaDNA reagent kit designed to detect and analyse SelectaDNA samples.





Analyzing complex food/water samples for drugs, pesticides or mycotoxins, or equally challenging human/animal urine, saliva, or serum samples for poisons or drugs, is a demanding application. TargetScreener HR is a powerful solution based upon accurate mass analysis with Bruker QTOF systems and highly curated databases (over 2800 compounds) to ensure reporting false positives (or false negatives) is minimized. Obtaining highly accurate quantitative data is also assured with TargetScreener HR.



Doculus Lumus® is designed in cooperation with document specialists from Austria and many other document experts from all over the world. Border guard officers and all people who have to check official documents use the mobile document checking device Doculus Lumus® to prove the documents authenticity. Experienced document specialists know what they need to look for. Often the place where fake documents are analysed in more detail is an office far away from the border posts. So fake documents must be identified by the frontlines at the border, on the motorway, on the train or at the airport. Usually only 30 seconds are available for the examination of a document and to decide whether a fake is present or not. Frontline counts!

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